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OG Skunk THCa Flower


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Get ready to party with OG Skunk, the OG of all OGs! This legendary strain is like a blast from the past, delivering a funky skunk aroma with a zesty twist of citrus. Each hit is a journey to the groovy side of life, where relaxation meets euphoria in perfect harmony.

OG Skunk’s buds are like little nuggets of happiness, bursting with vibrant green and orange hues that scream “good vibes only.” Take a toke and let the flavors dance on your tongue – it’s a party in your mouth with notes of sweet pine and a hint of spice.

With THC levels reaching up to 22%, OG Skunk knows how to keep the party going. Whether you’re hanging with friends, hitting the dance floor, or just chilling at home, this strain is your ticket to a rockin’ good time. So, grab your buds and get ready to elevate your mood with OG Skunk – it’s the OG you’ve been waiting for!

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