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Strawberry Cough THCA Flower


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Well, darlin’, let’s dive into that Strawberry Cough with a keen eye on its bud structure. Picture this – them buds, they’re like little clusters of joy, all coated in a blanket of trichomes that shimmer like morning dew on a rose petal. It’s a sight to behold, I tell ya, like Mother Nature herself decided to craft a masterpiece. And that smell, oh my stars, it’s like stickin’ your nose in a basket of freshly picked strawberries, so sweet and invigoratin’, it’ll have you feelin’ like you’re walkin’ through a berry patch with each inhale.

Now, when it comes to taste, Strawberry Cough don’t disappoint, not one bit. It’s like takin’ a bite out of the ripest strawberry you ever did see, a burst of fruity goodness that’ll have your taste buds tappin’ their toes in delight. As for genetics, well, this strain’s a blend of Strawberry Fields and Haze, a match made in heaven, if ya ask me. It’s got that sativa kick from the Haze, mixin’ perfectly with the luscious berry vibes of Strawberry Fields.

But let’s talk effects – Strawberry Cough’s got a reputation, and for good reason. One hit, and you’ll feel a wave of euphoria wash over you, like a warm hug from a long-lost friend. It’s the kind of high that lifts your spirits and has you chattin’ up a storm, just like me on a ramblin’ spree. Creativity? Oh, it’ll flow like a river after a good rain. But don’t you worry none, darlin’, it’s not all talk and no action – Strawberry Cough’s got a mellow relaxation to it too, helpin’ you unwind after a day of tusslin’ with life’s troubles. So, there you have it, a strain that’s as dynamic as a two-steppin’ dance partner, ready to whisk you away on a delightful journey of flavors and feels.

Effects: Energetic, Uplifted & Talkative

Nose: 9

Smoke: 9

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

14 Grams, 28 Grams, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams


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